'wastes and strays' – an interactive pavilion


third year term 1

Located within Valley Gardens, an interactive pavilion has been developed in response to earlier studies of site and an initial device. Through the use of montaging and models the tactile nature of the design has been demonstrated, including how users are encouraged to interact with the tensile fabric centre of the pavilion. Users would increase the tension added to the material within the timber framework through the use of a pulley system. As this tension increases and the material is stretched further, this larger surface area leads to the pavilion being moved by the south-westerly winds across Valley Gardens, leaving indents and marks upon the landscape.

'Between the Lines'

My initial responses to site have been compiled into a series of mapping exercises. Drawing 01, Economy: the inappropriate nature of a 'Royal Pavilion' in a city with vast social inequalities. Drawing 02, Ecology: vacant locations between, above and below existing properties across Valley Gardens. Drawing 03, Key Individual: Nick Cave.

Device – 'Unattainable'

As a user adds pressure to the bulb at the base of the device the lifting mechanism moves the claw upwards towards the 'object of desire'. However the object is also raised and the gap between the two components remains constant meaning the object is always slightly out of reach. Throughout its use with increasing pressure the bulb becomes more deformed and cracks appear. These are representative of the protests and unrest that occurs as a result of the inability to reach the 'object of desire'.